In 1962, as a small congregation, of less than a dozen people, located in a small "country church" building (384 Elm Street) Kearny Assembly of God Church was founded. The family oriented and community centered approach toward ministry would play a vital role in forming the character and identity that God was developing in this local body of believers.

By 1979, the congregation had adopted a non-denominational approach toward ministry,changing its name to

In 1973, Vincent B. Manzo became the senior pastor of the church, and over the next decade the church began to grow, as it embraced a global outlook toward ministry, in addition to the local work that it was already doing.

By 1979, the congregation had adopted a non-denominational approach toward ministry,changing its name to "Kearny Christian Community Church" and soon after established a working relationship with Bishop Joseph Garlington and the Gulf Coast Covenant Church. This relationship has been an integral part in the international ministry of our church.  

In 1981, God placed in our hearts a desire to expand the ministry of our church to include a Christ-centered day school, Kearny Chritstian Community Church Educational Center. 

We later changed the name to Kearny Christian Academy. The school continues to operate with grades pre-school through twelve. KCA has proven to be a blessing to the youth of our church and the youth of other Christian families in the surrounding areas. www.KearnyChristianAcademy.com

In 1988, as the church and school continued to grow, we relocated to a larger location on 151 Midland Ave.

By the fall of 2000, as Kearny Christian Academy continued to grow, we purchased an additional facility (172 Midland Ave) specifically for the ministry of the school.

In 2001, as God continued to enlarge our apostolic sphere to an even grater global scale, our church was renamed to City of Hope International Church. 

In 2007, God opened a door to acquire a campus which currently serves as the headquarters for our ministry.  22 Wilson Avenue in Kearny, (formerly Sacred Heart Orphanage), provides much greater room for our school, more seating for our church and opportunities to reach out and expand our potential.