who we are

City of Hope International Church is a vibrant church where people of all different backgrounds have found forgiveness, hope and healing in the good news of Jesus Christ!

A church where love and acceptance, without judgement, are the way we see and receive others.

A church where we express our love for God through dynamic worship, dance and inspirational music.

A church where we find hope, healing and vision, through Biblical teaching and learning to yield to the Holy Spirit, as He changes our lives.

A church where we prioritize ministries that building strong families, support couples, singles, divorced or widowed parent, the youth and the adults are a priority.

Where the strengthening of the identity of the man and the woman in the Bible are important and where the training and education of our members for the job of ministry are always a priority.

A church where we are dedicated to bringing new life and support to the desperate, to the broken and to the hopeless of our community.

A church where we proclaim the redemption and power of Jesus Christ and the good news of His love. 

We invite you to come and to be a part of our church and together we will follow the Word of God and its vision for our lives.